Social Media Tools and Community Standards

Many major social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have set terms and conditions when communicating with other users while using their services. When people violate those terms, there are ways to report the violations. Here is a list of the terms, and how to report bullying, harassment, and other forms of abuse.



Facebook does not allow threats, bullying, harassment, and hate speech. The website also does not allow users to promote criminal and terrorist activity, self-harm, fraud, deception, and violent or sexual content. Instructions on reporting another user can be found here:


Flickr has user guidelines on what you can and cannot do when using their photo service. They do not allow copyright infringement and illegal content. They are strict on harassment and bullying. Flickr allows legal mature content but it must be set to the appropriate content filter. Go to this page to report any kind of abuse by another user:


While they encourage free and artistic expression, YouTube discourages the uploading of pornography, explicit content, and any content that would encourage violent and dangerous acts to anyone, including children. They prefer you not to upload any copyrighted content unless you have permission. YouTube has a staff working around the clock 24/7 that views and flags content. If you wish to report anything they might have missed, or something offensive like a video or an abusive user, they offer this page:


A site like Wikipedia, is an interesting one. The submitted content on the site are the sole responsibility of the uploader and editor. There are numerous editors and posters around the world, and if you are found in violation of their terms and conditions, they have the right to terminate your account without question. There are places you can report to if you see copyright violations:


Myspace supports the freedom of posting art, photos, videos, or anything artistic, but they don’t tolerate catfishing, hardcore pornography, malicious bigotry, violent and gory content, privacy violating, or harassment of any kind. If you feel like you have been harassed or perhaps you have seen something offensive that you wish to report, you can go to Myspace Law Enforcement via Fax or Email:


The wonderful people at Twitter have a saying that they wish every tweeter would follow: “You are what you tweet.” Unfortunately there are some people that don’t like to follow the rules. They have a strict policy against posting violent and sexual tweets, images, and videos. Their “How to Report Violations” page is extensive with every possible offense under the sun. They provide links and emails to report violators on this page:


Blogger follows the same strict guidelines like all of the Google-run products. They frown on the use of lude, sexual, and violent content on its websites. Publishing personal and private information on a blog is strictly prohibited. Using your blog site to transmit viruses and malware, selling pornography, committing hate speech, and distributing copyrighted content is not allowed. If you come into contact with any of these, here is the link to a page with different contact forms for each offense:


Tumblr is a tumblelog site where everyone has the right to free expression, posting some of the greatest videos, photos and songs that they want to share with you. What Tumblr doesn’t want to be shared are malicious hate speech, illegal violent and sexual images, fraudulent or deceptive links, spam, or URL abuse. If you come into contact with any of this, go to:


Google+ operates with the same policy that it instils in Blogger. They don’t tolerate abuse or infringement of any kind. If you feel that someone has violated you and the terms and conditions of Google+, you can visit this page and it will take you step by step to report them:


The 4Chan website is a place to go to express your creativity and mind to the entire world. Rules on the site are stated in detail for each subject. If you are posting in a certain section, make sure you stick to the subject. For instance, If you are posting in the “Anime” section, talk about anime and nothing else.

If you feel that a post violates the rules that 4Chan posts on its website, please click the ► button next to the post and select the “Report Post” button.


  • Reddit is a site that is all about free expression of thoughts and ideas. Their idea of posting etiquette is “would I say this to my friend?” It has policies set so that if there is adult content, to flag it NSFW. They don’t support illegal activity, whether violent or sexual in nature. They crackdown on trollers and hate speech. If you feel that a user is being inappropriate: “If you got an inappropriate or harassing PM, click “report” and/or “block user” in the options under the PM.”

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