Sex Crimes of the 21st Century

Photo by Paško Tomić (CC BY 4.0)

Photo by Paško Tomić (CC BY 4.0)

Over a month ago, the mainstream news was plastered with Jennifer Lawrence’s publicity photo. The story was not about a Hollywood premiere, it was a story about her being the victim of a sex crime. Whether you believe that she should have taken the nude photos or not is irrelevant. The main issue that deserves all the attention, is the continuing trend of deviant illegal activities on the internet: Hacking and Sharing.

Just like many girls do, they take selfie’s of themselves in the bathroom, or at a party, or even in the nude. Unfortunately, like anything on the internet, it can be stolen from them without them knowing and spread like wildfire all over the web. Soon, everyone will have that naked photo of you. From horny computer geeks who want to document starlets who bared it all on the big screen or in the privacy of their bedroom, to the jealous boyfriend who spreads a provocative photo of his ex-girlfriend to all his buddies, this is a virus that is getting out of control.

What kind of people are doing such things? So far, they have been anonymous men who are part of a growing force of “Men’s Rights Activists,” who feel that their rights are being taken away simply because women’s issues are getting more attention, and they are “getting their way.” So what can men do to get back control? Anonymously hacking and terrorizing women on internet chat rooms and message boards like 4chan, and even online gaming. They hack and creep around your icloud and expose you to the world. They destroy your sense of safety and trust.

What can be done about this? Many of these MRA’s believe that they are getting away with murder because of their anonymous stature on the internet. What they don’t realize is that they can be tracked too, and they can be charged with theft, and even sexual misconduct. Some people leak photos of minors on the internet, which means jail time, and a registered sex offender status. With that, they wont be anonymous anymore. What can be done is the public, law enforcement, and the U.S. Government need to look into this a little more seriously and be made to understand that these are the sex crimes of the 21st century.

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