The Ethical Web is a Multimedia project created by Crystal Hollis for the New Technologies of Instruction course at University of North Texas (CECS 5200). The intended audiences of the project are students, teachers, and parents who are looking for introductory information and resources about ethical uses on the Internet.

The Multimedia project consist of a website, blog articles, and a standalone interactive magazine. According to a definition by IGI Global, multimedia instruction is a computer-based guidance involving diverse types of media such as presentations, web-based guide, and online tutorials to convey an instructional message.

The e-magazine created using Joomag is one of the different forms of media used in the project. Joomag is an online magazine creation tool that allows users to publish their own electronic publications with “interactive elements such as video, audio, rating, chat, subscription and feedback forms” (Joomag 2014). The e-magazines are available to print on demand or download for digital devices like tablets and mobile phones. Teachers may use this free magazine software to “encourage students to express their knowledge in creative ways” (Pappas 2013). It introduces a new perspective in students on the work they create. Self-publishing may “stimulate interest from students” because they never expected to see their name in print or book (Anyangwe 2012). Teachers can publish their current students’ projects to show to parents, education administrators, and prospective students.

Instructors may also incorporate interactive e-publications as supportive material to their own pedagogical styles. The software is free and cost-effective and it is environmentally friendly because of the lack of paper being printed. Magazines are a great source of informational text because “the articles are short, interesting,” and can be designed to be appropriate to children (Candler 2013). Teachers can publish their lessons for students who then can access it in the classroom or at home on a desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile device.


Crystal Hollis is a graduate student at the University of North Texas. She is pursuing a Master of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary with a concentration in Interactive, Virtual and Digital Communication. You may connect with her on LinkedIn or e-mail her at crystaljhollis@gmail.com.


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